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Christmas pest control

Christmas pest controlNo one wants a pest infestation for Christmas, so we’ve put together this guide to everything you need to know about Christmas pest control.

Here’s what to look out for to keep your business, home, office or pub free from infestation this Christmas…

Real Christmas trees and wreaths

Why they attract pests: Real Christmas trees and wreaths brought in from outside could be home to bugs and nests.

What pests: Crawling insects like spiders and woodlice.

What to do: Go fake or give them a good check and shake before bringing inside. Make sure there’s no nests, as they could hatch quickly once you bring it inside, thinking it’s spring!

Christmas food

Why it attract pests: There’s lots of extra food around at a time when pests are looking for food and shelter. This extra food is often left uncovered as treats are brought in by staff and left in offices or staff rooms.

What pests: Rats, mice, cockroaches and ants.

What to do: Never leave food out. Cover food when not eating and keep it in sealed containers. Take care to clean up crumbs from biscuits and cakes.

Christmas wrapping

Why it attract pests: Wrapping is the perfect material for rodents to make their nests.

What pests: Rats and mice.

What to do: Dispose of it once you’ve finished with it rather than leaving it lying around. Make sure there’s nowhere rats and mice can gain access to your home or offices.

Christmas decorations

Why they attract pests: Decorations are often kept in lofts and little accessed cupboards, so they may have been compromised by pests during the rest of the year.

What pests: Mice and rats.

What to do: Check decoration boxes carefully – if you spot signs of rodents, dispose of them. Droppings and urine from rats and mice can spread disease. You should also take action to see if the pests are still around – if they are, they could quickly put paid to Christmas by chewing through presents, gnawing on electric cables (like those Christmas lights) and starting fires.

Christmas waste

Why it attract pests: Not only is there more rubbish over the festive period, there’s also less collections, meaning waste can build up and not be secured properly.

What pests: Rats and foxes.

What to do: Keep rubbish sealed away and try not to let it build up.

Need more advice about Christmas pest control?

If you have an infestation over the festive period, you still need to act fast. Do not wait until after the holidays to take action, pests breed rapidly!

Get in touch for helpful advice and a no-obligation quote, we’re always here for you and your business, even over the Christmas holidays!

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