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Common pests in hotels

common pests in hotelsHotel buildings are a treasure trove for pests – there’s bedrooms, kitchens, grounds and plenty of other exciting places for critters to hide. Pests can quickly cause havoc – leaving droppings, spreading disease and even causing fires. To help you spot the culprits, we’ve listed below the most common pests in hotels and what to look out for.

Common pests in hotels

Pests are nearly always looking for shelter, food and water – which they will find in abundance in hotels. Here’s what to look for, and where…


Rodents can cause alarm if spotted – potentially damaging your reputation. They can also spread disease and gnaw through electrical wiring, making them a top priority to eliminate.

Look out for: Droppings, greasy marks, spoilt food, noises and nesting material.

Most often found: By waste bins, kitchens, basements or anywhere they can find food, shelter and water.

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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a big problem for hotels, as they are especially difficult and disruptive to remove.

Look out for: Bites on humans (red raised humps on exposed skin).

Most often found in: Beds, as well as bedside furniture, window sills and curtains.

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Birds, especially seagulls, can cause a nuisance to hospitality businesses by being noisy, messy and even aggressive towards people.

Look out for: Droppings, sounds of birds on the roof, nesting blocking gutters.

Most often found on: Hotel roofs and grounds.

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Moles can cause unsightly damage to lawns and golf courses, as well as providing a hazard as their tunnels give way.

Look out for: Mole hills and subsidence from tunnels.

Most often found in: Hotel grounds and golf courses.

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Moths can cause untold damage in hotels, quickly destroying carpets, rugs and other soft furnishings.

Look out for: Missing bits of fabric or moving grubs on soft furnishings.

Most often found in: Interior rooms containing carpets or any kind of soft furnishings.

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Flies are unpleasant for guests and spread diseases such as gastroenteritis, making it imperative to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Look out for: Flies! A fly infestation will be obvious.

Most often found in: Kitchens, restaurants and other food preparation or serving areas.

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Cockroaches can be tricky to spot as they are nocturnal. They are especially troublesome for hotels as they can spread diseases (like salmonella) to humans.

Look out for: An unusual smell, droppings, smear marks and shedded skin.

Most often found in: Hotel kitchens and in cracks and crevices in humid areas.

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Get rid of hotel pests

We have over 25 years’ experience working with hospitality businesses across Somerset and Dorset. Our comprehensive pest control service for hotels includes:

  • DBS cleared, trained and experienced technicians.
  • Out of hours site visits when numbers of customers on site are low.
  • Unmarked vehicles to ensure that visits are discreet.
  • On site Folders containing detailed Health & Safety documentation, including:
    • Risk assessments,
    • Data sheets,
    • Site plans depicting precise locations of where bait is present,
    • Visit log,
    • Contact details,
    • And inspection reports.
  • Locked bait boxes ensuring a high level of safety.
  • Safe methods of control.
  • Dedicated staff at the office to answer any queries you may have – no automated service, always a friendly voice at the end of the phone.
  • A fast and efficient service in an emergency situation.

Get in touch for more information or a no-obligation quote.

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