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Dealing with a Wasp Nest in Somerset or Dorset

It’s that time of year again. Our team of pest control experts are getting more calls from across Somerset and Dorset about a wasp nest in their home or garden. Wasp nests or hives can be a real nuisance if left to grow. A small, manageable problem quickly becomes a full-scale wasp infestation. We recommend seeking professional wasp removal as soon as you’ve spotted the nest.

How to spot an active hive or wasps nest?

In spring and early summer, wasp nests will be small and roughly about the size of a tennis ball. They’re made from small pieces of wood and timber, so they’re light brown in colour with a papery appearance. The nests start small but will grow rapidly until your house or garden seems overrun with wasps and can be potentially dangerous.

Wasp Nest removal in Somerset & Dorset

Wasps will build a hive somewhere sheltered and easily accessible… for a wasp! Specialist equipment allows our technicians to treat nests safely at both ground level and high levels.

Wasp Control
Wasps nest in the roof, loft, attic, shed, garage and wall. They can also terrorise your garden by nesting in trees, shrubs, sheds or even in the ground!

Will wasps return to an empty or treated nest?

Wasps will never take over old nests from previous years, so if you find a large nest and no wasps in early Summer, it’s unlikely to be active. If the old nest has been previously treated to get rid of wasps, it’s highly unlikely that any wasps will return.

What’s the best time to get rid of wasp’s nest?

Immediately! A hive or colony of wasps grows incredibly quickly, especially during Spring and Summer. We recommend seeking wasp removal help as soon as you spot the nest or hive, to prevent wasps from becoming a bigger problem.

Our professional wasp nest removal treatments are safe, quick and available across Somerset and Dorset 

Our wasp removal treatments:

  • Use a professional, safe insecticide to clear the wasps’ nest.
  • Are carried out with the utmost care and the customer’s safety is at the forefront of each technician’s mind.
  • Detailed treatment reports are supplied following each treatment.

What happens during wasp nest removal?

  • The insecticide is applied either directly into the nest or into the nest entry point and usually takes 12-24 hours to destroy the nest.
  • Our Technicians may require access to property loft spaces to treat internal areas, depending on where the wasps have built their hive. 
  • Wasps nests can be removed from the site as part of a second treatment quotation should the customer wish.

Testimonials of our Wasp Nest Removal service

Sherborne, Dorset

Contacted on Monday morning and by 230pm Ross had arrived to take care of the wasps’ nest. Ross was great, genuine, professional and explained everything that would happen. Amazing service and a great price would recommend 100%! Many thanks!

Yeovil, Somerset

Phoned Helliar Pest Control with a suspected wasps nest this morning. They came out very promptly and treated the nest.

Very professional and thoroughly recommended!

Milborne Port, Dorset

1st Class service from Ash Helliar! Contacted him on Friday night and he was on site the following morning with a smile on his face. Sorted our wasps’ nest quickly and calmly and explaining what he was doing the whole time. Great knowledge. Highly Recommended!

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Need professional help to remove a wasps’ nest in your house or garden? Speak to our team of pest control experts in Yeovil. Contact Helliar Pest Control today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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