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Effective rodent control for farms

For farmers and owners of agricultural grounds, rodent control is a constant effort. According to a recent survey by Pest Magazine and Farmers Guardian, most farms suffer from problems with rats and mice at some point every year.

Many also say they are starting to experience bigger and more frequent infestations, with rats and mice changing their behaviour to outsmart efforts to control them – finding new homes anywhere they can find the holy grail of shelter, water and food.

Rodents cause havoc on farms – creating a risk to livestock, humans and farm buildings. As well as carrying diseases that can harm livestock, rats also carry diseases that can be contracted by humans. Farm workers in particular are at risk from leptospirosis (known as Weil’s disease), which is transmitted through rat urine and can cause serious illness.

They also represent a significant fire hazard from chewing from cables, and can quickly destroy stored products and feed.

The large risk from rodents is why we believe that proactive rodent control is just as important as the reactive use of rodenticides in the case of infestations.

Proactive rodent control

There are many steps farmer can take to help keep their farm rodent free, and we can help implement these during a proactive program. They include:

  • Spotting and blocking gaps where rats or mice could enter buildings
  • Rodent-proofing any potential sources of food
  • Restricting access to areas where rats could shelter
  • Stopping rodents from accessing water sources
  • Keeping areas tidy and clear from debris so any rodent activity can be easily spotted
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitising waste storage areas
  • Training staff to look out for any signs of infestation

Routine visits to control rodents

Through routine visits, we can help safeguard the health and welfare of stock and wildlife while keeping your farm rodent-free.

Rodents breed rapidly, so early intervention is key to control. Farms are large areas, and the untrained eye may not spot areas that are appealing to rodents as fast as an experienced pest controller.

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