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Fly Control: Tips for keeping restaurants fly free

Nobody enjoys being pestered by flies, least of all when trying to enjoy a meal. To keep your restaurant fly free, we would recommend using several fly control methods at the same time.

Install fly traps

Flies will breed in many different places especially in bins and on waste contained within them. Clean and disinfect the bins and bin store area on a regular basis and install fly traps in place in these areas. We use a fly trap with a liquid attractant that prevents flies from escaping.

It is important to put fly traps in the right places. They need to be located away from the building to draw the flies away from the area you are trying to protect. We have seen fly traps placed inside buildings and this has the opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve — a fly free area.

Use discreet ongoing fly control

Surfaces where flies regularly land such as windows, can be treated with residual insecticides to control the fly activity in these areas. There are also many types of discreet electric fly killers designed to go unnoticed that fit into ceiling tiles or look like normal lights.

Call in the professionals before a fly infestation

Don’t wait until an infestation to take action, the most effective way to keep places that serve food free from flies is a fly control programme.

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