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Get rid of your holiday park pests

Due to the large area and many different environments present in holiday parks, all kinds of pests – from spiders to moles – can prove problematic.

Get rid of your holiday park pests

How to get rid of other common holiday park pests

Here’s some advice on dealing with some of the most common pests that plague owners of holiday parks.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are a very real threat to holiday park and caravan owners. They can crawl through extremely small gaps and caravans provide an attractive home for the winter.

Both breed rapidly and destroy bedding, soil caravans with droppings and cause expensive and dangerous damage chewing through cables. 

Make sure you seal up areas where rodents could enter and take a look at this blog on protecting your premises from rats over winter.

Cluster flies

Cluster flies become a problem in autumn and winter when they leave fields and crawl into gaps on houses and caravans. Read our blog on how to get rid of cluster flies.


We had great success last summer using these wasp traps to keep wasps away from eating and seating areas. Wasps nests are also a common problem – here’s how to spot if one is active.


Seagulls are a huge pest in seaside towns and beyond. Luckily there’s plenty of ways to deter them, here’s what to do if you have a seagull problem.


Silverfish love to feed on the interiors of static caravans,, but don’t worry, you can get rid of them.

How to keep your holiday park pest free

The best way to keep your holiday park free from pests is to prevent infestations before they happen. A proactive pest control contract can help identify areas that are prone to pest infestations before they happen. We can also check caravans and grounds regularly and act quickly if we see any evidence of an infestation, as pests can breed extremely rapidly.

We also recommend:

  • Checking that there are no holes for pests to get into caravans – rats and mice only need a tiny gap to enter!
  • Removing all potential food supplies from caravans.
  • Ensuring all caravans, receptions, restaurants and other areas are deep cleaned after the season, removing remnants of food that are attractive to pests.

Do you need help removing your holiday park pests?

Get in touch today and we can arrange a time and date to for us to come and visit you.

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