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Horse pest control: How to keep horses safe from pests

horse pest controlHorse pest control is vital to keep your horses safe from pests that are attracted to stables and yards.

Keeping horses safe

We have over 25 years’ experience of removing pests from equestrian environments and safety is always our number one priority. Rest assured that our highly trained and experienced technicians always put the health and welfare of people and horses first.


Flies are often the most troublesome pest for yards and horse owners. A range of flies can bite and irritate your horse, from midges to horse flies and common house flies. 

Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to discourage flies (including frequently removing droppings and wet bedding and taking it as far away from the horses as possible).

We can also help you implement a number of safe fly control methods. The right method will depend on the type of fly that’s causing the problem, so identification will be the first step.


Rodents are attracted to sources of food, shelter and water, and stables provide all three.

Help keep rodents at bay by storing feed in secure, lidded containers. Removing food sources will make your stable much less attractive to rats and mice.

Moles and rabbits

Pests that plague farms can also cause havoc for stables and paddocks – moles and rabbits create uneven ground and reduce grazing grass, both of which are a nuisance for horse owners. 

Getting rid of moles and rabbits can be tricky, but not impossible with the right approach.

Our approach

We take a proactive, integrated approach to pest control for horses. Combining routine visits and prevention with fast action in the case of infestation.

Safe horse pest control across Somerset and Dorset

Get in touch for help getting rid of horse pests – we always have a friendly voice at the end of the phone and can give you advice and no-obligation quotes.

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