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How to Stop Pigeons & Birds Nesting under Solar Panels

Are birds nesting under your solar panels? This is becoming a surprisingly common problem as more homes and businesses across Somerset and Dorset invest in solar arrays! Birds, especially pigeons, tend to nest in these areas because they’re sheltered from the elements and hidden away from human contact.

Many solar panel installers overlook these potential nesting areas for pest species. If they knew the impact that birds can have on your solar panels, they’d definitely consider them a problem too.

Why is it important to get rid of pigeons and bird nests from under solar panels? 

Birds can Damage Solar Panels

Worryingly, birds (and in particular pigeons) can damage your solar panels, and ultimately impact your solar energy generation! Pigeon poo is very acidic, which can erode connecting wires and eventually even damage the surface of your solar panels. Their guano can also spread nasty diseases, such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis, by inhaling dust during cleanings.

Reduce the Solar Panels’ Efficiency

Bird and Pigeon droppings, dirt and the general mess will start to cover your Solar Panels. This will have an effect on their ability to generate solar energy. Not nice to clean either! Asides from all the mess on your solar panels, Jackdaws are also rather noisy when they get going.

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bird proofing in somerset and dorset
In our pest control experience, the most common Somerset and Dorset birds that nest under solar panels are Pigeons and Jackdaws.

What are the best ways to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels?

There are two main proofing methods to prevent pest bird species from nesting underneath your solar panels. Both are tried and tested within the pest control industry. We’ve used them frequently on solar panels across Somerset and Dorset.

Solar Bird Spikes

These are designed to stop pigeons or other birds from settling and are used across lots of different surfaces, including roofs, windows and even telephone wires.

Strips with long spikes will be installed on the sides of your solar panels, using a strong weatherproof adhesive. It’s an effective long-term method to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels. 

Bird Meshing & Solar Clips

This bird-proofing method has been designed to specifically keep birds out. Ideal if you’re slowly accumulating pigeon nests under your solar panels!

The clips hook to the underside of the panel and we’ll run a meshing around the entire perimeter of your solar array. All the clips lock into position and hold the bird mesh in place permanently.

We use professional solar clips and a solar panel-approved mesh, all clips are also UV protected to provide a long-lasting product.

bird proofing pigeons on solar panels in Somerset and Dorset

Can you prevent birds nesting under agricultural and industrial solar arrays? 

Yes, we can! There’s no job too big or too small for Helliar Pest Control. Whether you’re in a Yeovil town home or a rural farm in Dorset, we can help get rid of pigeons’ nests and prevent future birds from nesting under your solar panels.

Is it expensive to bird proof solar panels anywhere in Somerset or Dorset?

It’s not a big cost! Especially when you consider the long-term impact birds can have on solar panels, including permanent damage and loss of energy generation. We offer FREE competitive no obligation quotations upon request. Get in touch with our Yeovil team today to arrange a visit.

Our professional bird proofing products are safe, quick and available for solar panels across Somerset and Dorset 

For most solar panel proofing projects, scaffolding is usually required to allow our technicians safe access to the panels. This can be arranged by ourselves and supplied by one of our preferred suppliers in the area. We may also need to use roof ladders and manoeuvre the roof tiles to access all four sides of the panels.

All our bird prevention methods and products have been tried and tested across our industry for many years. With our 15 years’ experience in pest control and bird proofing, we can help with residential, commercial or industrial solar panel arrays.

Testimonial of our Pigeon Nest Removal & Solar Panel Bird Proofing Service
Bridgwater, Somerset

“We had a solar installation for a number of years and all was well but we noticed a few years in that an increasing number of pigeons were roosting and then nesting under the panels.  Apart from the noise, this was not too big a problem until we started to find nest mites in one of the bedrooms.  This is when we sort the assistance of Ashley and his team at Helliar Pest Control.  They came out quickly and suggested a safe way of resolving the problem by installing meshing around the edges of the panel array.  The quote was good and arranged quickly including managing the scaffolding which was needed to gain access above the scaffolding.

Pigeon proofing on solar panels in Somerset and Dorset

The installation was carried out a few weeks later and would have been completed in a day but the team discovered a fledging pigeon chick still in a nest.  The work stopped due to the fledgling being in an inaccessible area of the panels and it was agreed that they would return to complete the installation the following week once the pigeon had left the nest. 

At this stage, three sides were fully enclosed.  We kept watch on the roof and the pigeon left a few days later.  We let Ashley know and he returned to complete the work a few days later.

All in all, the work was carried out safely and effectively.  Everything was left clean and tidy, both at the partial and completed stages.  We were very impressed with the quality of work, friendly and considerate approach and management of the whole process.  We no longer have a pigeon problem as they have moved to other houses!

Since then we have recommended Helliar Pest Control to other neighbours and friends where they have dealt effectively with similar issues and also a squirrel invasion.” Mr P Thompson. 

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Need professional help to bird proof solar panels in Somerset or Dorset? Speak to our team of pest prevention experts in Yeovil today. Contact Helliar Pest Control for a FREE no obligation quote.

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