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Increase in wasp nest removal in Somerset & Dorset

wasp nest removalIt’s that time of year again, wasp nest activity is on the increase and wasp nests are starting to cause a nuisance.

Wasp nest removal

We have been called to remove several nests this week, one in a child’s wendy house and another in the back of a garden shed. Check out some of our recent work on our Facebook page. Although the nests at this time of year are not particularly big, they still hold quite a number of wasps that can be potentially dangerous to children, adults and pets.

We recommend keeping vigilant for the presence of wasps in and around your property. Watch out for wasps flying into the same area at regular intervals, as this could indicate the presence of a nest. Wasps nest just about anywhere from holes in the ground to bird boxes, garden sheds, loft spaces and even caravans.

What to do if you find a wasp nest?

If you find a nest, be cautious and keep your distance. Never poke it, shake it, pour water on it or set fire to it. Disturbing the nest can lead to attacks and it is not uncommon for the victim to end up in hospital.

Call an experienced pest controller as soon as you find the nest, as wasp nests grow rapidly. They will be able to safely remove the wasps from your home, land or business.

How to keep wasps away?

Although there are many home remedies for keeping wasps at bay, one of the most simple and effective is a jam jar with a hole cut in the top, with water and some kind of sticky substance inside. If wasps are still causing a nuisance, we can provide professional-strength deterrents and ensure they are placed in the most effective location.

Need a wasp nest removed fast in Somerset or Dorset? Whether you’re in Yeovil, Dorchester or Langport, our professional team can safely remove a wasp nest of any size. Contact Helliar Pest Control today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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