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How to keep mice out of your house

Mice are bad news for homes and businesses alike, bringing health risks and destruction wherever they go.

How to keep mice out of your house

As well as causing significant damage by gnawing, mice contaminate food and carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella and encephalitis. They can also bring other unpleasant pests such as lice and fleas into your home.

With temperatures dropping and the first snow already falling in the north of the country, the risk of of a mouse infestation increases. In colder weather mice look for warm and dry place to call home. If they can get into a sheltered spot with a good source of water and food, they won’t be leaving anytime soon.  

How to keep mice out of your home

It’s much easier to keep mice out than get rid of them if an infestation takes hold. Make sure they don’t take up residence in your house by taking the following preventative steps…

  • Seal any cracks and holes on the outside of your home to stop them getting in. They can get in tiny gaps so don’t take the risk. Remember to check air vents.
  • Always keep food in airtight containers, especially over Christmas when there’s lots of food around.
  • Store items in the garage/shed in plastic containers rather than cardboard, which rodents can chew through and nest inside. Likewise, always use a bin with a lid on so that mice can’t hop inside.
  • Make sure there’s no litter left lying around that they could use to create a nest, or even use as a food source (mice will eat almost anything!)
  • Ensure there’s no food sources in your garden that could attract them, secure food compost bins and remove uneaten bird food.

If you’re worried you already have a mice infestation, take action fast. Two mice can multiply to 2,000 in just one year, so it’s vital to act rapidly. Here’s what to look out for.

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