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Pest control for golf clubs

Golf course greenkeepers wage a constant war against pests, which can quickly destroy years of hard work. For this reason, we recommend a proactive approach to pest control for golf clubs, which must always be pristine for players.

Although this might seem like yet another expense, this approach will almost certainly save money in the long run, as getting rid of pests once an infestation has taken hold can be long-winded, and in some cases would require the closure of the club, leading to loss of revenue. 

Mole control

Moles can burrow up to 100 metres a night, so they can quickly wreck havoc on a previously immaculate green.

Our approach is to use traps to humanely and quickly get rid of moles before they can ruin the course.

Bird control

Birds can cause damage by rooting for food and eating newly sown grass seed. Birds can be tricky to control but we have a wealth of experience in bird control to draw on.

Rabbit control

Burrowing by rabbits can damage both the course and young trees. We use a variety of methods for controlling rabbits, including ferreting, long nets, and shooting, depending on the time of year.

Rodent control

Rodents can do all sorts of damage if allowed to thrive in or around the club house. As well as giving a bad impression of the course, they can spread diseases and even cause fires by gnawing through wires.

We help golf courses by identifying areas that may attract rats and mice and removing any means of entering the building. 

Proactive pest control

For more information about our proactive pest control programmes please get in touch. We offer a discreet service which can be delivered out of hours in unbranded vans, if required.

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