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Protect your premises from rats this winter

rat infestationAll premises are at risk from a rat infestation this winter. As the weather gets worse rats look for places that are warm and dry with a plentiful supply of food and water, and homes and businesses have everything rats are looking for!

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It’s worth making the effort to protect your premises, even if you haven’t had a rat infestation previously. Rats can cause huge amounts of havoc to all kinds of property. Some of the risks include:

  • Passing on diseases. Rats can spread diseases such as Weil’s disease and Salmonella to humans through their urine.
  • Damage to reputation. If a rat is spotted by your restaurant, for example, this could be very bad news for your business.
  • Destruction. Rats need to gnaw constantly, so as a result they’ll chew on anything – including wood, bricks, pipes and electricity cables – causing widespread destruction including structural damage and electrical fires.
  • Breaking the law. Under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, all property owners are obligated to keep their premises rodent free.

Preventing and treating rat infestations, Wincanton & Blandford

Take the following steps to minimise the chances of a rat infestation taking hold, especially if you are leaving a property vacant over Christmas.

  • Seal any gaps. Rats only need a small hole to enter a property so be vigilant of any potential access points and seal them as soon as you can. Look for gaps around pipes and cables, and make sure there’s nowhere they can get into your roof, wall cavities or under floorboards. Don’t forget outside, as you don’t want rats under sheds or decking either.
  • Keep food and waste away from rats. Rats will eat almost anything – including most things humans eat. Help make your premises unattractive to rats by keeping food areas clean and keeping waste tied up and locked away.

Worried about a rat problem?

Rats breed rapidly, so act fast if suspect you have a rat problem. A single female rat is capable of giving birth to up to nearly a hundred young in a year and those offspring start breeding from three months of age!

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