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Rat and mouse problems increase as the weather turns colder

With the return of colder mornings we are beginning to get an increase in calls from people with rat and mouse problems.

mouse problems

Rodents look for somewhere dry and sheltered to go during the colder, winter months and often enter roof spaces of properties to keep warm, before venturing towards kitchens and living areas to find food.

Think you might have rats or mice in your property?

Worried some unwelcome visitors might have moved into your home or business for winter? There are many tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation, including:

  • Squeaks, rustling and scampering sounds, normally at night.
  • Signs of food being nibbled.
  • Rodent droppings and a strange smell.
  • Bits of chewed paper or plastic (which they use for nesting).

Act fast to control a rodent infestation

If you have a problem with rats or mice, get in touch as soon as possible, as rodents breed very quickly. Two mice could easily become hundreds in a matter of months. Rats and mice carry a raft of diseases and can cause serious damage through chewing through electrical wiring and pipework, even causing fires.

We use proven methods to remove rodents quickly, safely and discreetly, as well advising our customers on how to keep vermin at bay for good.

For more information on controlling mice and rats, have a look at our pest pages.

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