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Keep vigilant for rodents in summer

Rats and mice are a year-round problem as they breed throughout the year, and they love to visit your home or business premises, even in the summer months.

Keep vigilant for rodents in summer

With everyone enjoying BBQs and alfresco dining, there are easy meals for rodents to dine on.

There are estimated to be more rats than people in the UK – a number that is growing every day!

Rodents in the house in summer

Contrary to common belief, rodents will still come into your house or business premises in the summer months. Rats and mice are always on the look out for the three things – food, shelter and water. Anywhere they can find all three, like your house or business, will quickly become their favourite place.

In fact it’s even easier for them than usual, as doors and windows are left open, so they can just walk right in! Plus, with everyone enjoying BBQs and alfresco dining, there are easy meals for them to dine on. They can also find new water supplies from paddling pools and pet water bowls left outside.

How rodents cause havoc all year round

Rodents truly are one of the worst pests to experience, as they can cause so much damage in such a short space of time. Despite their relatively small size, they can cause untold mess, disease and serious destruction by:

  • Chewing through anything they can find, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.
  • Causing fires through gnawing on electric cables.
  • Spreading diseases such as Salmonella and Weil’s disease through their droppings and fur.

What to do if you spot rodents in summer

Staying vigilant for signs of rodents all year round can help prevent an infestation taking hold. Rats and mice famously breed exceptionally fast and one female rat can give birth to 170 offspring every year.

If you spot any signs of rodents (such as droppings, spoiled food or gnawing) then act fast to prevent rodents breeding.

Alternatively, businesses may wish to prevent rodent infestations before they occur by investing in a proactive pest control contract. In this case we’d identify any areas where rodents may access and make them safe.

Either way, you can rest assured we will deal with the matter quickly, safely and discreetly. If you’d like more information or just friendly advice, please get in touch.

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