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What to do if you have a seagull problem

seagull problemUntil recently, it wasn’t common to see large numbers of seagulls away from seaside locations. Now seagull problems are also common inland, as they build their nests on buildings and scavenge food from dustbins.

Seagulls are particularly problematic during nesting season, when they can become aggressive towards people as they attempt to protect their nests and chicks.

If a large number of birds decide to nest on a building, gulls can quickly become a nuisance with their loud calls, large amounts of droppings and debris from nests which can cause damage to buildings. They also carry a number of diseases.

Act now to control your seagull problem before nesting season

Seagulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means that they cannot be killed, nor disturbed once they have begun nesting. Therefore, the only effective and legal way to control them is to deter them from nesting.

The nesting season begins in May, so now is the ideal time to get seagull deterrents in place on your property. Depending on the site, we use a variety of methods to deter gulls. These include:


Spikes can be added to potential or known nesting sites on buildings, such as chimneys, gutters and balconies. The spikes prevent the seagulls from landing, so they can’t nest on your building.


For larger properties, for example office blocks or flats with a large flat roof, netting can be used to prevent seagulls from landing and nesting.


We also use falconry to help control seagull problems; hawks are highly effective in deterring seagulls from nesting. The presence of a trained bird of prey is enough to cause seagulls to leave the area and select a safer location to nest.

Need help getting rid of seagulls?

If you’re experiencing problems with seagulls, get in touch for advice. If you had a problem with seagulls last year, act quickly as seagulls can live for up to 40 years, and once a nest is established, more and more birds will return to the nest each year. 

For more information on getting rid of birds, including pigeons and seagulls, have a look at our pest pages.

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