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Rodent control for Hopkins Developments

Helliar Pest Control provide rodent control services for 12 Hopkins Developments sites. We visit each one on a monthly basis to set rodenticide in containment boxes and check for evidence of new infestations. Each site has a specific site plan and all the boxes are safely secured, as required by Health and Safety legislation.

By visiting each farm regularly we can ensure that we’re doing everything possible to minimise the damage caused by rats and mice, which are a year-round problem. Rodents are a particular problem during the Autumn and Winter months when they seek shelter inside. During our visits in the colder months, we pay particular attention to Hopkins Developments’ barns and other outbuildings.

Non-toxic rodent control

One of the sites we visit is a large grain store. Here the rodent control is done both internally and externally. Each containment box on this site is numbered and secured to a perimeter wall which can be traced back to the site plan. We always have to consider potential cross-contamination when working with customers whose products are destined for the food chain, and therefore we sometimes use non-toxic baits in the first instance to monitor the rodents, before treating them with a toxic rodenticide.

Bill Hopkins from Hopkins Developments said, “We have worked with Helliar Pest Control for over 2 years now and are very pleased with the service they provide.”