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Got a fly infestation?

Fast, effective and discreet fly control in Somerset & Dorset

Helliar Pest Control will assess your fly problem, investigate the source and put into place the appropriate measures to deal with the infestation as quickly as possible. We also provide advice for maintaining a fly-free environment. 

All flies can spread germs and contaminate food. Fly infestations can spread quickly, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Fly control is especially important for businesses where there is food preparation of any kind.

What kind of fly is causing the problem?

Fruit flies

Adult fruit flies are small yellowish/brown flies with a darkly striped abdomen. They have prominent compound eyes which are generally red in colour.

The life cycle of a fruit fly is rapid — with the development from egg to adult taking less than two weeks. They have an immense attraction to alcohol and waste fruit which means they are frequently found in such areas and can quickly build up to a very large number.

Although fruit flies can be a big source of annoyance, especially in kitchens and restaurants, they are harmless and don’t bite. 

Lesser fly

The lesser fly is around 6mm long, grey in colour with four dark stripes and an extensive yellow patch at the base of their abdomen. The larvae is a dull grey-brown colour and is fairly flat with feathery growths.

Lesser flies mainly breed in poultry manure which the farmers spread on the fields from poultry houses seasonally, this is the reason why numbers of adult flies are found in or around factories and properties if located in a rural area.

house fly controlCommon housefly

Adult houseflies are usually 6 – 8mm in length with a wingspan of 13 -15mm. They are a grey colour with four dark stripes. The sides of the abdomen are yellow and can also be transparent.

Female house flies lay up to 750 eggs, and can live for up to 3 months. Newly hatched larvae tend to burrow into food material.

Houseflies can carry a wide range of diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and tuberculosis. They are also able to transmit intestinal worms. They also move from dirty areas onto our food therefore meaning that they move pathogens from dirty to clean areas.

House fly populations can grow at an alarming rate and are a common pest in many different environments.

Cluster fly

The adult cluster fly can be anything up to 10mm in length with a wingspan of up to 20mm. The thorax of the fly has a distinctive dark greyish/olive colour and is covered all over in golden hairs. 

Cluster flies invade cladded buildings and will enter roof spaces and voids via gaps and small crevices. They will cluster on the sides of buildings in a large number prior to crawling into the gaps or crevices.

How do I get rid of Flies?

Simple. Contact Helliar Pest Control today for a FREE no obligation quote. With many years of experience, we know how it feels when you discover you've got pest problems, so we'll be more than happy to come and see what the best solution is.

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