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Bird Proofing & Effective bird control in Somerset & Dorset

Help with bird problems including seagulls and pigeons

There are many options available when it comes to bird control — from netting which keeps areas completely free of the birds, to trapping and other deterrents. If you are experiencing problems with birds, we will be happy to offer free, no obligation advice.

How can birds cause a problem?

seagull controlSeagulls

Seagulls have been known to become aggressive towards people when they have eggs and chicks. They are large birds and any attack can be very frightening.

Seagulls use seemingly unwelcoming areas of tall buildings and flat roofs to nest. Their favourite areas are balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering and culverts. They like to flock together on flat roofs. They are very clever and remember, learn and even pass on behaviours. For example, they stamp their feet in a group to imitate the sound of rainfall, encouraging earth worms come out of the ground.

Signs of a seagull problem:

  • Birds settling on roofs, if there are young chicks around there will be continuous cries.
  • Nesting materials scattered around your area.
  • You could possibly have damaged stock due to the seagulls pecking and from fouling.
  • Droppings will be greater nearer to where they roost.
  • Debris may cause blocking to drains and guttering which could potentially leave damp damage to your property.

pigeon controlPigeons

Pigeons are usually associated with urban environments, which is why they can be called the ‘feral pigeon’. However, they are also often found in rural areas such as farms. They often nest on buildings and other structures, usually on ledges, under eaves or on girders. Nests are constructed of grass and twigs but can also contain rubbish such as pieces of plastic.

The feral breeding population is boosted by racing pigeons or domestic pigeons that have escaped lofts. The peak breeding season is between March and July but feral pigeons breed all year round. Their brood normally consists of two off-white eggs laid on consecutive days. Each pair can reproduce up to nine times a year.

Why use Yeovil based Helliar bird control?

  • Wealth of experience in bird control.
  • Free, no obligation advice on bird problems.
  • Friendly, helpful staff and no automated telephone lines.
  • Established business, trading in Somerset and Dorset for 80 years.

How do I get rid of Birds?

Simple. Contact Helliar Pest Control today for a FREE no obligation quote. With many years of experience, we know how it feels when you discover you've got pest problems, so we'll be more than happy to come and see what the best solution is.

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